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Ylixir's Configuration As Configuration

Configuration languages…y u so hard.

So the yaml at work is seriously out of hand. If i edit one file then I’m copypasta 14 files.

I would like to introduce a configuration language to ease things. The problem is that we are a PHP shop with managed servers, so popping on a native code binary is a little more annoying than it could be.

And there are really no options that I’m finding that are available from packagist or npm. All I really see are native options. Which would be fine if the dev team were managing the provisioning of the servers…but we are not…

There are a few jsonnet packages that expose the c api to java, but just want to jsonnet < in.jsonnet > out.json and call it a day.

Who would be interested in an an npm package wrapping a ghcjs or purescript version of dhall-lang?