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Ylixir's Ligaturizer

So ligatures are awesome. But Firacode is meh. I mean it’s perfect, but boring. All other challengers just aren’t good. The ligatures are hard to tell apart, or the glyphs have weird spacing or something.

Then I discoversed the ligaturizer. This is a tool that adds ligatures to normal fonts. It’s awesome, and comes with a bunch of fonts out of the box. Good solid workhorser like Deja Vous, or the one I’ve been having a blast with…Fantasque Sans Mono–the comic sans of programming fonts.

I’ve been kind of sad since discovering ligatures because it’s cut me off from mononoki. Mononoki is so good. Perfectly clean and readable, with just a hint of that old school terminal look that made me fall in love.

Sadly I left it for younger sexier ligaturized fonts. But maybe it’s time to revisit it and see if some ligaturizer will make me fall in love with mononoki all over again.